reboot: stay-put towels (improved instructions and new stay-neat presentation)

here we go again…kiddo no. 2 (aka, d.d.) is mastering the game of pulling the towels down every time mama hangs them back on the refrigerator and oven door.


d.d. wiggling away from the crime scene.

it’s been over 2 years since i posted my tutorial about stay-put towels. since then i’ve made quite a few stay-put towels to gift at 1 year old birthday parties.  and now that d.d. has turned ONE  i’ll be giving myself a happy 1 yr old present as well.

this time i have some new and improved instructions to my towel tutorial and a really neat and tidy way of hanging the towels for display.

stay-put towels (parent must-haves) 2.0:

supplies:  kitchen/hand towel, scissors, straight ruler, fabric/washable marker, sewing machine


1. take towel and fold it in equal thirds, length-wise.


2. with a ruler and fabric/washable marker, draw a line across the middle third of the towel, 3-5 inches from the top edge. (using a towel with a decorative border adds a fun touch.)

3. at your sewing machine, sew a long thin rectangular border around the marked line. the length of the rectangle is about 1/4″. then i zigzag stitched over the stitched border, going around 2 or 3 times. (it’s like making a very long button hole.)


4. clip your long “button hole” open!  congratulations!  you’ve transformed your floor towel into a stay-put towel!

bonus: here are instructions on how to hang the towel up in a way so that it stays nice and neat** even if a tiny tornado has touched down on your bathroom or kitchen!

1. again, fold your towel into equal thirds, length-wise.

2. place the end with the hole behind the towel/oven handle bar.  or drape the folded towel onto the bar with the button hole end in the back, like so.  this feels a little counter-intuitive, but stay with me…


3. tuck the front (non-button hole) end of the towel into the hole.


4. pull the towel through the hole until it cinches around the towel bar.


(please excuse the random stickers.)

5. ta-dah!  doesn’t it look so nice and neat**?  it will totally stay-put and stay-neat no matter how many grimy sticky hands has wiped and tugged at it.

it brings a little bit of tidiness into our “homey” family life, and that’s just about as much neatness i can manage…for now.

**i must give credit to where credit is due.  i wasn’t the one who thought of this lovely way to hang the towel.  this was my mother-in-law’s idea.  my in-laws were here this past summer to help when miss e had ear tube surgery.  this was how my mil hung up the stay-put towels after she washed and folded our bucket loads of laundry. ❤


but on frazzley days i’m just going to hang my towels like this!