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be strong and of good courage

Be strong and of good courage,

Do not be afraid, neither be dismayed,

For Jehovah your God is with you, wherever you go. –Joshua 1:9

this afternoon while miss e and i were having lunch she announced to me that she wasn’t afraid of the dark anymore.  she used to use a nightlight in her room.  but ever since her little brother (“di di” in chinese, d.d.) started sharing her room with her she had to stop using the nightlight because it was at an angle that shined right into d.d.’s crib.

she hadn’t been using the nightlight for almost a month now.  at first we gave her a little flash light, but the switch was finicky and sometimes it wouldn’t turn on no matter how hard we pressed the button.  i made her a little glow jar (from our ever growing collection of baby food jars) which seemed to comfort her a bit, but every now and then if she’d wake up in the middle of the night and noticed that the glow-in-the-dark light had faded she’d get up and let us know that it had stopped glowing…that got kind of annoying too.  but we just kept telling her that we’re right next door and d.d. is in the same room with her so there’s no reason to be afraid.

so this afternoon she explained to me that she wasn’t scared of the dark because God is with her wherever she goes.  she had learned the verse joshua 1:9 as a song from her children’s meeting singing time many months ago and would often sing it at home.  i was surprised that she actually understood the meaning of the song.  she couldn’t tell me for certain whether she discovered the meaning of the words on her own or her children’s meeting teacher had explained it to them.  in any case, i was quite encouraged and comforted from her explanation of why she’s not afraid of the dark.

miss e is only four AND A HALF years old and i can help her through many of her daily difficulties.  this afternoon’s little interaction reminded me that as she grows older there will be more and more “fears” that i can’t help her through and that she will need to confront them on her own but my role is to be there to remind her that God is with her wherever and whatever she has to go through.


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