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spring cleaning…check!

i’m still in a bit of disbelief that i actually cleaned out the den/sewing room/guest room last week.  it wasn’t planned, but when i looked at my calendar i completed my spring cleaning on the first day of spring (20th of march). and i didn’t even drag it out for days and weeks (like i usually do…ahem).  i think the state of the spare room reached a point of such disarray that it called for a complete overhaul.

i pulled out all my fabrics that had been stashed in various areas around the house, refolded them, and sorted them into categories.  after seeing all my fabrics concentrated in one area i realized i better start doing more sewing than just fabric hoarding.  so i made a promise (to mdh) that i will use up at least half of my fabric stash before purchasing any more.  i have a feeling that is going to be a hard promise to keep…but since i have also let you in on my promise, hopefully that will help me be accountable to my promise.

we rearranged some furniture and mdh got me the ikea raskog utility cart in hopes that it’ll help me maintain the organization.  fingers crossed things will continue to look like this a month, (a year?) from now.

without further ado here is our newly tidied den:DSC_0135DSC_0137DSC_0134

p.s. we were having friends stay at our place so that’s usually the catalyst that gets cleaning happening.

p.s.s.  let’s see if the other rooms in the house get a spring cleaning. >sigh<


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