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2015 calander on canvas tutorial (& a give-away!)

the baby took a long morning nap after miss e went off to school, and now BOTH kids are taking a nap!  what are the odds of this happening again? maybe i should go buy a lottery ticket…or better yet i’ll have a give-away–just in time for the new year (details at the end)!


i’m participating in a giftswap, so for the gift that i’m making my swapmate i needed to test how washable kids paint would handle on canvas surface.  the canvas handled the kid’s paint beautifully.  as i was covering the canvas with experiment strokes, colors, and washes the test run evolved into a do-able project (even for preschoolers).  it’s a fun, practical, handmade gift for the coming new year!

basic supplies:DSC_0048

  • 11 x 14 canvas (if you get a smaller canvas you’ll have to write smaller)
  • watercolor/acrylic paint
  • sharpie marker
  • water
  • brushes
  • paper plate (or some sort of flat surface to mix your paint)
  • 2015 calendar

1.  pick a few colors that you would like on your canvas (or one color would work too!)

2.  mix your paint with water to thin the paint out so it’s somewhat transparent.  you don’t want your paint to be too think or heavy.  when you write on the canvas you want your writing to show.

3. now apply the paint on your canvas however you like.  create a background for your calendar.

4.  have fun experimenting with different amounts of paint and water!  you don’t have to cover the entire canvas with paint either, some white showing through also makes it interesting.

6.  set the canvas aside to let the paint dry.

7.  after the paint has dried you can start writing the months and days on the canvas with the sharpie pen.  (you might want to practice writing a month or two on scrap paper so you get a feel for how big or small to write the dates.)


this is the canvas calendar that i am giving away.  to participate in the give-away please leave a comment below and…(now CLOSED)

1.  in your comment please answer: what is your favorite month out of the year?

2.  and briefly explain why it’s your favorite month of the year.

3.  leave your comment before friday (12/12) 11:59pm and i’ll announce the winner (drawn randomly) saturday morning.

DSC_0050this is miss e’s rendition.  she said she doesn’t want the numbers.

here’s a sneak peek at what i’m making (or rather, what i messed up) for my swapmate (this is another variation on the canvas calendar.  i got the mini canvas and easel from blicks–and they’re having a canvas sale right now!).

do you see the mistake?

update, dec 29: she changed her mind…



5 thoughts on “2015 calander on canvas tutorial (& a give-away!)

  1. What an awesome project! Since I was lucky enough to win your previous giveaway, I thought I’d try my luck again. 🙂 My favorite month is September because I love Fall and all the back to school excitement. Glad you’re blogging again!

  2. Haha I actually read all the post this time.
    December is my favorite month, even though I’m not a Christmas person, I do love all the Holiday decorations and twinkling lights. It’s a time to be with family. The only time I get to see both my sister and brother , also all my extended family. Also hot cocoa and marshmallows seem so appropriate in the cold weather making it taste better.

  3. Hmms…. November. why? Thanksgiving. extra holidays and lots of yummy food. plus right after starts the winter season spectacular. It’s getting cold but not too cold…rain is fun because it’s just begun and it’s not dreary looking all day (although rain is really always fun…)

  4. Dec is my favorite month. It is my birthday month, and I got lot of gifts for my birthday and Christmas. It is Winter, but it is fun to be snow. This calendar can help me to keep things remembered.

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