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it’s the first tuesday of december…yes, i’ve taken a long hiatus.  i haven’t had much my-own-hear-myself-think time for the past few months.  i used to despair about that.  i don’t anymore, i just take it when i get it.  i’ve learned that those times will eventually come around again.  maybe not as often as i’d like, but they’ll come.

yesterday, i finally had a window of my-very-own time–and i didn’t need to do laundry or the dishes, or answer emails, or wait for service people, or get groceries, or go to doctors’ appointments–i really just had a do-whatever-i-so-desire moment, so i opened up “tuesday snippets” for the first time in months and finished many of my half written snippets that had just sat in queue.

here i am, today, baby is napping on his own again…so i’m going to write a fresh entry, and i’m not going to leave it dangling.  i’m going to finish it before baby wakes. *fingers crossed*  i don’t think there’s going to be a driving point to this entry…i’m just commemorating the fact that i finally get to add a new entry.

baby is 7 weeks old so i think we’re heading into a more definite routine of wake, feed, and sleep.  he’s also sleeping longer stretches through the night so we’re also getting longer sleep through the night.  and i think–it’s not certain–but i think he gave me a little social smile yesterday afternoon after i nursed him.


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