spring break!

last week we were away for spring break–in the lovely land of o canada!  we were in montreal and quebec.  this was our first real getaway vacation since miss e was born.  most of our travels have been to visit family–which is vacation–but we haven’t been able to visit a place that has no family connections and just act like tourists…well, we visited massachusetts and maine last year, but that was still with family and because we were attending a cousin’s graduation…maybe that counts as being half tourists.

since miss e is 3.5 now, can eat whatever we eat, sleeps in a big kid’s bed, takes only one nap (and some days takes none), is becoming more reasonable and logical, loves flying, and still just as curious as ever.  so we realized maybe we can start taking trips abroad.  at this new prospect we immediately wanted to go exploring europe!  we had so much fun brainstorming all the places we can go…but when we started to really hash out a schedule, reality settle in and we realized we still have a 3.5 year-old that is only ~3 feet tall and still needs a nap.  three plane tickets to europe would not be worth it.

we came up with eastern canada because my family visited montreal and quebec when i was in high school.  i remember those two places feeling a little like europe (because they speak french and have signs in french).  and mdh has never been there so he was intrigued with my descriptions of montreal and quebec.  so eastern canada was a good compromise between our dream and reality.  and with a todd-schooler in tow, things would slow down considerably and schedules would have to stay quite flexible, so we looked into vacation homes instead of hotels.  this way we have the option of cooking and eating at “home” instead of having to eat out all the time, and we can play at “home” on days we have slow starts, early starts or no starts.  and since we were looking at vacation homes, there were a variety of room options for fairly decent prices, so we added another room and invited grandma and grandpa along.  at this point, it’s not about hitting scenic sites, it’s just about the more the merrier!  haha!

DSC_0370it’s interesting how our travel priorities have changed with a little one.  in the end we just tell ourselves it’s not about checking off the to-do/to-see list, but it’s about doing things together.  a frequented hot spot was playing a local park at least once a day!  (oh hey! we do that back at home!)

park in quebec, canadabut we did see some pretty sites too!  and visit museums and play in the snow (which we don’t get to do back at home).

DSC_0045DSC_0266and right before we took our trip we broke some happy news to our family…via snail mail.