a few days ago, we came across a page in miss e’s cutting and pasting craft book that required a bit of math.e.mat.ics.  i thought it was going to be an easy peasy breezey activity because she’s been counting for a while now.  so i figured she knew the math to it.

now i realize knowing how to count does NOT equal to knowing the concept of math.  knowing the name of numbers doesn’t mean they know that number can be applied to objects so that they can be counted.  i’m even having a hard time describing the concept of counting…it’s quite  a leap into the abstract world!

and at the time we were working on the activity page i noticed i was getting quite frustrated because my 3 year old couldn’t do the math!  yesterday, i came across this funny little clip by “bored shorts tv” and had a good laugh…(good grief, tiger mom, miss e is only 3!)