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square 48 & 49


square 48:  i went back to taiwan for my aunt’s funeral.  she had been battling leukemia for a year and a half.  she was the oldest daughter and the first in her family to know the Lord.  and she was faithful to bring all her sisters and their husbands to know the Lord.  my mother was the second daughter and the second to be saved, along with my father.  this was how the Lord’s salvation reached me–through my aunt’s steadfast prayers for her family. it was nice to be with all my aunts and uncles, sharing many fond memories of their dear oldest sister, listening to many stories that i had never heard before.

the morning before i left taipei i was able to go to a knick-knack store near my third aunt’s house and wander through it’s three floors of every-things.  in the craft section i came across some wooden beads.  ah!  how i wish i had these back in june when i was taking the surface embroidery class.

square 49: continuing with the beads theme…joann was selling a packet of assorted beads for $1.  miss e used some to make a necklace.  i used some of the smaller ones for my square.



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