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i couldn’t help it!

just two weeks ago i promised that i wouldn’t start on anymore projects until i’ve completed all the ones from last year.  welllll…i couldn’t help myself from signing up with amy gibson’s (block of the month–bom) sugar block club.  by the time i stumbled on amy’s site the bom had already started!

on the first of every month we would get a new block pattern (along with a dessert recipe) for the month.  now you see why it wouldn’t make sense for me to sign up after i finished all my projects…like, in march.  i would be 3 quilt blocks behind!  ok, so that was the excuse i came up with.  hopefully with it being a block a month i can keep pace with it better than my one square a week, especially since my calculus 1 class just started yesterday.

i’ve decided, to the best of my ability, not to purchase any new fabric and just use old bed sheets (mostly ones that i raided from my parents house last new year when i first started quilting) for these particular blocks.  i’ll be able to put together a quilt full of memories!  here’s the first of 12!


the block came with a recipe for pumpkin pancake…so we used the pumpkin that miss e picked from the pumpkin patch back in september (the pumpkin was still good!) to make the pancake.  it was a good recipe for a martin luther king jr. brunch. (truth be told, i used the recipe first before making the quilt block.)



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