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square 45

this past weekend we went on another retreat.  this time the retreat was for the young adult age group.  the speaking brother shared mainly about the tabernacle and all the responsibilities surrounding it from the book of numbers.  my view of the church life was uplifted, and my view of my responsibilities in the church was also renewed.

By studying the picture presented in the book of Numbers, we can see what the responsibility of the middle-aged brothers and sisters should be. In chapter three of Numbers we see how to keep the tent of meeting. Those related to the tent of meeting were in three sections according to their age: one section for those from one month to twenty years; a second section for those between twenty and thirty; and a third section for those over the age of thirty. We have seen that those between the ages of twenty and thirty were to fight the battle and that those over thirty were to maintain the testimony directly. But what about those between the ages of one month and twenty years? Those in this age group surrounded the tabernacle in order to keep it. The Bible does not tell us the meaning of keeping the tabernacle. Perhaps it meant to protect the tabernacle and to share in its maintenance. …But the more young ones there are, the more the church is protected.  All Ages for the Lord’s Testimony, Ch. 2

i appreciated seeing that, for the children of israel, any and all age groups had some responsibility related to the tabernacle.  the tabernacle was their life.  even a one month old can “help” with the tabernacle.  it’s quite a destiny and a heritage.  the speaker mentioned that even though those over fifty were retired from serving with the tabernacle they weren’t truly retired.  the retirees then became the mentors to the young apprentices, ages 25-30 (Numbers 8:24-26).  i was thoroughly encourage to see where i stand in my church service right now, and to see where i’ll be twenty years from now.

this square is supposed to represent the children of israel camped around the tabernacle…you need to look really hard.  squinting or closing your eyes may help!


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