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square 44

last weekend we joined some college students for their fall retreat.  miss e kept saying that we were “camping.”  we stayed in cabins with bunk beds, electricity, flushing toilets and hot showers.  we didn’t call it camping, we’ve never been camping…i’m not even sure where she learned the word “camping”?   i wonder if she thinks that sleeping anywhere away from home (or grandparents’ homes) is camping.

from the conference, i was reminded again in the book of john how the Lord came to meet the need of man’s every case–to be real life (zoe) to us.

chap 2: the need of the moral–life’s regenerating.

chap 4: the need of the immoral–life’s satisfying; the need of the dying–life’s healing.

chap 5: the need of the impotent–life’s enlivening.

chap 6: the need of the hungry–life’s feeding.

chap 7: the need of the thirsty–life’s quenching.

chap 8: the need of those under the bondage of sin–life’s setting free.

chap 9-10: the need of the blind–life’s sight and life’s shepherding.

chap 11: the need of the dead–life’s resurrecting.

(Outline of John)

we all need His wonderful zoe life to spread in us.


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