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our very own mr. skinny legs (squ 40)

yesterday morning we were running late for school because it’s a monday.  even though miss e doesn’t know her days of the week yet she does knows that mondays are for sleeping in.  she told me she wanted to walk to school but i had to explain to her that we didn’t have enough time to walk to school.  so she asked, “then we use the stroller?”  we didn’t have enough time for that either.

as we were getting in the car we noticed that mr. skinny legs had built a web joining our car to the bush!  (please refer to peppa pig “spider web” episode on youtube.)  since we had 3 minutes to get to school i was thinking to put miss e in the carseat and head out.  but then miss e said, “don’t break it!  spider house!”  yes, she did learn that from peppa.  i have also been telling her that we don’t need to break spiders’ webs unless they’re inside the house.  otherwise she goes around the yard smacking all our plants with a broom, because she sees spider webs on them.


so here i am, 2 minutes before 9am, stuck in a dilemma.  do i drive the car, break mr. skinny leg’s web and get to school somewhat on time, but also go against the little one’s wishes and what i had taught her?  or do i spare mr. skinny leg’s web, try to push the stroller as fast as i can down 7-8 blocks and see how quickly i can make it to school (all in hopes to show my daughter that her mother follows what she teaches)?  (now i know how daddy pig felt.)

we were only 7 minutes late, luckily i was not dripping with sweat, and half of the kids were still coming in because they must’ve all slept in too–since it was a monday, after all.



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