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square 39

DSC_0009we celebrated 2 birthdays last week, miss e’s and mdh.  but we kept things pretty low key and inexpensive, because we are expecting that miss e will ask for a birthday party in the future once she discovers what they are!  this square has nothing to do with the birthdays.  i just felt like using a button, some beads, and trying a new chain stitch (orange thread).

after school i took miss e to pick out a metallic balloon that she so enjoys staring at every time we’re at the grocery store.  she usually lingers at the balloon rack for a long time, looking slowly through all the different balloons.  oddly enough, this time when i told her we were going to buy one for her birthday she picked a balloon out in 2 seconds.  (maybe all those previous times spent at the balloon rack was to decide which balloon to pick if she could get one.)  i tried showing her some other ones like buzz, pooh, or mcqueen but she was set on piglet. she definitely made up her mind.  and then she asked me, “what about baba?”  oh right, on the way to the store i was telling her that she and baba had the same birth day…so we picked one for baba too!

it doesn’t matter that the balloon says “congrats!”


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