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squares 29 & 30


square 29: miss e likes all things baby.  she’ll eat the baby-size mushrooms, grapes, cucumbers, pasta, etc, first before the regular-size ones.  every morning when i get her from her crib she’ll tell me what pet name she would like to be called for that day.  so i’ve called her baby bear, baby bunny, baby cat, baby turtle, baby bat, even baby bad wolf.  but her most favorite pet name is baby duck–after the “ugly duckling” in disney’s silly symphony.  and in turn she’ll call mama bear, mama bunny, mama cat, mama duck, respectively.  sometimes she’ll extend the name to her father too, baba bear, baba bunny, baba duck…you get the idea.

square 30: i’ve tried transferring patterns using a lighted window and an iron-on transfer pencil.  unfortunately, these two transfer techniques have been too cumbersome to motivate me to want to transfer too many patterns.  so i borrowed a light box and transferred one of miss e’s recent doodles.  it’s not the most accurate transfer.  it got progressively harder to see her doodles through the fabric as the different layers of thread got stitched on.  but i have to say, using a light box has been the easiest transferring experience so far.


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