finally posting! (squ 33, 34, 35)

(i’ve been stitching along, but it’s been a challenge finding the time to post the squares up!)

square 33:  an empty box doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on…on the contrary, it’s that there is SO much going on i really can’t remember what happened this past week.  i’m also trying to keep straight all the other things that will be coming up this week!  this box is inspired by miss e’s latest obsession–cutting along dotted lines.  it’s quite funny how she loves clipping the coupons and ads that come in the mail.  too bad i’m not much of a coupon user.

square 34:  the last math class that i took was senior year in HIGH SCHOOL (if i don’t count statistics in college and grad school).  so here i am taking a pre-calculus/geometry class, at our local community college…i don’t even remember how to use a graphing calculator.  but we aren’t allowed to use graphing calculators on our exams so i asked mdh to take me to the store to help me pick out a scientific non-graphing calculator.  did you know that there are over 12 different models of non-graphing calculators to choose from target?!  (talk about first world problems.)  we just went with the cheapest scientific calculator…$6.99.

square 35:  today was miss e’s first day of preschool!  so of course i thought of an apple, but yesterday her preschool had a meet & greet watermelon picnic time (she consumed 5 giant slices along with other fruits and munchies), hence the watermelon slice in the apple.  this morning, after dropping miss e off, was the first time in nearly 3 years i can remember sitting in the house by myself (while sipping my tea) in complete silence.  it was uneventful and glorious all at the same time.  p.s. i’m quite please with how my woven picot leaf turned out!

miss e’s school is a few blocks from our house, but she was so excited about her first day she stopped to pick up nearly every leaf and stick in sight, smell the flowers and greet the trees along the way.  she told me that they did scribble scribble craft, sand, paint, cracker snack, and purple mouse today–i can’t say for certain she did those activities in that order.


squares 31 & 32

square 31: recycled some of the scrap threads that i have been saving in my orts jar.

square 32: it’s been a summer filled with visitors and catching colds–and preschool hasn’t even started yet.  it’s tuesday, august the sixth and this is my sixth summer here.  but when every august rolls around i’m still in disbelief that i am still wearing sweaters. mark twain was attributed to saying that “the coldest winter [he] ever spent was a summer in san francisco.”  it’s not certain whether that statement came from mr. twain.  but the statement itself is most certainly the truth!

squares 29 & 30


square 29: miss e likes all things baby.  she’ll eat the baby-size mushrooms, grapes, cucumbers, pasta, etc, first before the regular-size ones.  every morning when i get her from her crib she’ll tell me what pet name she would like to be called for that day.  so i’ve called her baby bear, baby bunny, baby cat, baby turtle, baby bat, even baby bad wolf.  but her most favorite pet name is baby duck–after the “ugly duckling” in disney’s silly symphony.  and in turn she’ll call mama bear, mama bunny, mama cat, mama duck, respectively.  sometimes she’ll extend the name to her father too, baba bear, baba bunny, baba duck…you get the idea.

square 30: i’ve tried transferring patterns using a lighted window and an iron-on transfer pencil.  unfortunately, these two transfer techniques have been too cumbersome to motivate me to want to transfer too many patterns.  so i borrowed a light box and transferred one of miss e’s recent doodles.  it’s not the most accurate transfer.  it got progressively harder to see her doodles through the fabric as the different layers of thread got stitched on.  but i have to say, using a light box has been the easiest transferring experience so far.