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yipes! sneaky tuesdays (squ 25, 26, 27)

these past few weeks, tuesdays have been sneaking up on me just as fast as mondays!  i haven’t been able to keep up with my embroidery class as well this time around.  I’m still working on my monochrome piece and the class has already moved on to the color segment.  lots of guests and families visiting, a bout of family illness, not to mention attending the video training has set me back quite a few weeks.

squares 25 & 26:  in the first three weeks of my embroidery class we’ve been learning how to create texture with different kinds of threads and different kinds of stitches while keeping the “picture” relatively monochrome.

square 27:  since i was a kid, seeing the classic l.l. bean canvas tote bags somehow always remind me of summer.  (idea inspired by kaori shimazu’s embroidery.)

and look!  we’re already half way through the year (and towel)…


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