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miss e’s frequent word translator

if you’re ever my daughter’s teacher, baby sitter, or playmate and you aren’t quite understanding what she’s saying this translator may help smooth communication:

“bai-yow” = boo-yao (in chinese), no

“be-dey” = elizabeth

“boogie mama” = boogie’s mama, referring to herself

“chokwet” = it sounds like chocolate, but she means sidewalk chalk

“chon-pong” = poncho

“coconut” = polka dots

“gromit dewallace” = wallace and gromit

“hundred eeze” = (we have no idea either)

“hungry bird” = angry birds

“kee-nee” = zucchini or cucumber

“mag-ick” = magnet

“pinecone” = pumpkin or pinecone

“red” = red or yellow (we’re really working on clearing this one up)

“two” = more than two, unless you’re asking her age.


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