squares 21 & 22


last tuesday i forgot to post the 21st square because i had forgotten that it was tuesday.  it was one of those weeks where everything decided to happen all around the same time.  and for a female, i don’t multitask  very well.

this past weekend we went to monterey bay for a mini vacation.  (unfortunately, i did end up taking work with me.  fortunately, the motel’s internet was so spotty i did only minimal work.)  my favorite part of the weekend was that, every morning we would go collecting little rocks and sea shells along the tide pools.



they’re in the mail!

this morning miss e and i walked to the post office to mail off the 20×20 in 20 days quilt.

here’s a sketch of the past 20 days. (click on pictures to view larger images.)

days 1-10

days 11-20

updated may 31, 2013:

this morning we took another trip to the post office.  since miss e is always wanting to help me with my sewing projects i decided to make another 20×20 quilt and have her be involved in it.  she helped me pick out the 20 different fabrics and the order that they would be sewn together.

i gave her stickers numbered 1-20 and let her stick them on any fabric her little heart desired. she favored the “coconut” (polka dot) ones.