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squares 16 & 17


square 16 is a painting of all the relatives we got to meet last week.  square 17 is a chandelier i’ve been wanting to embroider for a while.

square 16 is a week late because i couldn’t decide what to stitch for last week’s square.  we were down in so.cal to visit our parents and we ended up seeing a lot of extended family as well; miss e was finally able to jump from a higher plane to a lower plane, landing on both feet successfully (she had been working on this for at least 2 months!); i found out i lost my driver’s license 2 days before we were going to fly back home (how was i going to be able to get through security check without any form of id?); and my friend was running her first boston marathon and i was tracking her time on the baa.org site…but it never posted her finishing time (turned out she was about half mile to the finish line when the bombs exploded).

i used an iron-on transfer pencil to transfer the chandelier design for square 17.  the transfer result was very very disappointing.  the chandelier did not come out symmetrical at all because the transfer was very faint so i was guessing where the lines were most of the time.  can’t complain too much though.  i was given fair warning.  most reviews gave transfer pencils very low marks and many reviewers suggested going with transfer pens instead.  despite all the reviews and warnings i still succumbed to the cheap route…hence, cheap results.


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