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lake merritt 5k/10k run.  this past weekend we joined some church friends for a 5k/10k run.  we ran the 5k.  an impressive number ran the 10k.  but i was most proud of mdh who ran 3 miles non-stop for the first time in his life. (and i was the most impressed with a 9 year-old that ran 3 miles, and a 13 year-old that ran 6 miles.)

mdh was never into sports and never cared to join any school sports teams.  but he started to realize, at his age now, he needed to exercise regularly to stay healthy.  so i reluctantly agreed to let him buy a treadmill late last year. (i hate treadmills, partly because i see them as ugly rarely used piece of furniture that take up too much room in the house.)  then i heard about the 5k/10k run with jess and figured it would be a great way to motivate us to use the treadmill!  so we struck a deal.  if i finished my portion of the taxes i could sign the both of us up for the run.  yup, i cranked out my numbers really fast this year.

on our way home after the run mdh decided that his new goal is to train to run 3 miles in 30 minutes!  i’m so happy all the running didn’t scare him away from running some more!


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