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it’s true…never say never…

…especially about quilting.

at the beginning of this year i made my first quilt block.  and i picked a rather difficult design to piece together due to my lack of knowledge and experience with sewing quilt blocks.  i chose the design because it looked whimsical.  luckily i only had to make one block because it was going to be part of a friendship quilt.  so i sent the block off to my friend (who was in charge of piecing everyone’s contribution together) enclosed with a letter saying that even though it was a fun challenge there’s just too much meticulous math involved with making block pattern quilts so i can’t ever see myself  making a quilt, or at least any time soon.

second attempt at flying geese. my first attempt was dismal…what do you mean you have to factor in seam allowance?

hmmm…well…my husband found an on-line sewing class for me to take a few days after i sent my quilt contribution off.  it just so happened that the main project of the class was to make a quilt.  every two weeks we would learn new hand sewing skills and apply the techniques onto the borders that would create a medallion quilt.  so here i am embarking on my very first quilt.


then along the way a friend that i’ve known since college found out that they were expecting a boy!  and he would have a nautical nursery theme.  i had these nautical flag napkins tucked away in my brain for a while, but never had any reason to make them.  my friend’s baby doesn’t need twenty-six cloth napkins.  sooo…my only thought was to transform the flags into quilt blocks for a baby quilt…


i somehow managed to finish the quilt before the baby shower.


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