square 13


ribbon rose: spider’s web, french knot (center)

leaves: modified leaf stitch, fern stitch, overlapping leaf stitch

vines: double feather stitch, chain fly stitch


it’s true…never say never…

…especially about quilting.

at the beginning of this year i made my first quilt block.  and i picked a rather difficult design to piece together due to my lack of knowledge and experience with sewing quilt blocks.  i chose the design because it looked whimsical.  luckily i only had to make one block because it was going to be part of a friendship quilt.  so i sent the block off to my friend (who was in charge of piecing everyone’s contribution together) enclosed with a letter saying that even though it was a fun challenge there’s just too much meticulous math involved with making block pattern quilts so i can’t ever see myself  making a quilt, or at least any time soon.

second attempt at flying geese. my first attempt was dismal…what do you mean you have to factor in seam allowance?

hmmm…well…my husband found an on-line sewing class for me to take a few days after i sent my quilt contribution off.  it just so happened that the main project of the class was to make a quilt.  every two weeks we would learn new hand sewing skills and apply the techniques onto the borders that would create a medallion quilt.  so here i am embarking on my very first quilt.


then along the way a friend that i’ve known since college found out that they were expecting a boy!  and he would have a nautical nursery theme.  i had these nautical flag napkins tucked away in my brain for a while, but never had any reason to make them.  my friend’s baby doesn’t need twenty-six cloth napkins.  sooo…my only thought was to transform the flags into quilt blocks for a baby quilt…


i somehow managed to finish the quilt before the baby shower.

square 12 & belated pi


“But Daniel set his heart not to defile himself with the king’s choice provision and with the wine that the king drank, so he requested of the leader of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself.”  Daniel 1:8

One of the verses I memorized this past weekend.  A basic matter in our christian life is in the matter of our spiritual diet–what we eat.  if we eat godly food–taking God as our food–we will be one with Him.  Eating was the first temptation man faced in the Bible.  Many situations and matters we encounter in our daily living is a choice to eat from the tree of life or from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

and now here’s the physical food we had for lunch…i know, i’m a week late for pi day (i wasn’t thinking of pie theme, it just happened that way):  chicken apple sausage & roasted red pepper quiche; mushroom, tomato, & roasted red pepper quiche; banana cream pie (super easy original recipe from theKitchn, my tweaked low-sugar-toddler-friendly version below); and broccoli that you see off to the side.


the crust:

9 graham crackers (equals 1 cup crumbs)
1/4 cup walnuts or filberts (didn’t have in the house) subbed with 1/2 tsp nutmeg
2 tablespoons sugar (i feel the graham crackers sweeten things enough)
6 tablespoons melted butter

banana filling:

3 tablespoons cornstarch
1/2 cup sugar 1/3 cup sugar
Pinch salt
3 cups milk
1 egg plus 1 egg yolk (i read this 5x, it means i whole egg = yolk + white, and another egg without the white)
2 tablespoons butter
2 teaspoons vanilla
2 large or 3 small very ripe bananas

super fast to make (but need to take into consideration chilling time), and very yummy.  no leftovers today!

The Waning Authority of Christ (1963)–A.W. Tozer

The Lordship of Jesus is not quite forgotten among Christians, but it has been relegated to the hymnal where all responsibility toward it may be comfortably discharged in a glow of pleasant religious emotion. Or if it is taught as a theory in the classroom it is rarely applied to practical living. The idea that the Man Christ Jesus has absolute and final authority over the whole church and over all of its members in every detail of their lives is simply not now accepted as true by the rank and file of evangelical Christians.

What we do is this: We accept the Christianity of our group as being identical with that of Christ and His apostles. The beliefs, the practices, the ethics, the activities of our group are equated with the Christianity of the New Testament. Whatever the group thinks or says or does is scriptural, no questions asked. It is assumed that all our Lord expects of us is that we busy ourselves with the activities of the group. In so doing we are keeping the commandments of Christ. (link to read full excerpt)

This past week, when I heard Tozer’s essay, The Waning Authority of Christ*, it struck a deep chord in me because it had diagnosed the core of my internal struggle.  I love the Lord but still I feel dry.  I read the Word and meet with other believers throughout the week, and it is enjoyable, but I still feel unsatisfied and tired.  I’m not looking for a spiritual high, because I know those are just temporary feelings that give no real indications of my growth in life.  What I was struggling with was the realization that I was missing the quiet  steady supply of grace, even though I was doing what a “faithful” Christian believer should be doing.

But while I was going through all the supposed “fail-proof” motions that should be granting the supply of grace I wasn’t really coming to the Person who is grace Himself.  I’ve been just keeping the commandments of Christ instead of spending time with Christ.  I was on autopilot, thinking that I knew what Christ wanted me to do instead of asking Him directly what He wants me to do…and wait for His response, instead of my own trite response.  I’m sorry, Lord, I’ve been just treating you as a relic and not a living Person.  I want to care for Your feelings.

square 10 & breakfast

plum blossoms.  (it’s harder to finish extra curricular activities when the little one is going to bed later and later, hence the late post.)

…and it’s been a while since i’ve posted pictures from our tuesday lunch.  i’m not a breakfast person but there’s always something comforting about breakfast food.