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needlebook giveaway

i’m taking an online hand stitching class by rachel hauser.  one of the “assignments” this week was to make a needlebook.  the needlebook was quick and fun to make so i went ahead and made another one.  since i only own about 6 needles i don’t think i’ll have needles overflowing into the second needlebook any time soon.  (and i’m trying to be less of a pack rat for mdh’s sake.)

if you would like to be in a random drawing for this free handmade needlebook please leave a comment below and we shall all find out who gets this needlebook this coming friday (february 1, 2013)!

felt needlebook with fabric inner lining: 4.25″ h x 3.25″ w, pocket on inside of front cover, 2 middle pages for pins and needles, slot for small 4″ scissors on back cover, book is secured with a wrap-around tie (sorry threads, pins, needles, and scissors not included).


6 thoughts on “needlebook giveaway

  1. I suppose the deadline is 11:59:59? haha that’s my default for all my cs classes 😀 But this is so cool. I’ve never knew you can store your needles in a needles book. I want it!

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