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all the many daily 10 second-Lord-arranged moments

“…and behold, there was a throne set in heaven, and upon the throne there was One sitting” Revelation 4:2b.  i often hear that God is on the throne administrating behind the scene, ruling over everyone and everything–yes, every. thing.  and i often agree whole heartedly that He is the sovereign God ruling over the heavens and the earth and everything in it.  but this week i’ve been realizing that God’s every. thing. are still only some things in my head.  and the some things are often big abstract things.  i truly believe that God is very good and wise in arranging the world situations, kings and kingdoms, who our parents are, where we live, who we marry…these kinds of big destiny things.

but i forget these big arrangements include the many small, minute arrangements as well.  such as when miss e decides that she’d prefer to wear her flower shoes immediately after i’ve finished tying on her elmo shoes.  or when i say it’s time for a bath and i get handed “one was johnny” book to be read instead.  i often forget these 10 second occurrences are also arranged by the One on the throne.  all of His big and small arrangements are so that Christ would be in the center of the situation and expressed in the situation.

so the real issue is not whether i change her shoes or read her the book.  or that miss e (or i) don’t throw a fit or end up in tears!  but seeing in a daily way that God is also ruling and reigning in these little moments reminds me that my response shouldn’t be just out of my own logical decision of insisting my way or making things easier for myself.  these moment are arranged by the Lord so that i would turn to Him and however i respond to my daughter Christ would be expressed to her.


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