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2013 and fifty-two squares

i’ve been trying to think of a year-long project for myself for the coming new year.  (i know, why am i trying to make my life more complicated than it already is?)  but it needs to be a project that’s simple enough so i won’t be so bogged down and consumed by it that i’d quit working on it before january is over.

what got me started on this idea of some year-long crafting shenanigan was seeing lea redmond’s sky scarf…and how i got there was because i was totally enamored with her world’s smallest post service.  quite charming wouldn’t you say?!  (if you know my address feel free to send a teeny post my way!  haha!)

i have been wanting to pick up knitting and crocheting because i’ve never really learned how to knit or crotchet past the first row.  and now i see all these lovely knitting and crocheting patterns on-line and i want to make all sorts of things.  so i’m hopping and skipping all over the www, looking at all sort of lovely patterns, and i come across amy power’s embroidery sampler, and then a tiny light bulb went off…this seems do-able for me since i cross-stitch a lot and do a bit of embroidery every now and then…THEN i also found amy’s 39 squares…and cannons and fireworks went off…heck, it was the 1812 overture in my head!!!  (this isn’t to say i won’t be learning how to knit/crochet.)

i immediately knew which piece of fabric (that i have stashed in one of my drawers) that i can embroider on.  and i will try to stitch a square a week and hopefully post it up on tuesdays.  thus my little adventure begins tomorrow…


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