2013 and fifty-two squares

i’ve been trying to think of a year-long project for myself for the coming new year.  (i know, why am i trying to make my life more complicated than it already is?)  but it needs to be a project that’s simple enough so i won’t be so bogged down and consumed by it that i’d quit working on it before january is over.

what got me started on this idea of some year-long crafting shenanigan was seeing lea redmond’s sky scarf…and how i got there was because i was totally enamored with her world’s smallest post service.  quite charming wouldn’t you say?!  (if you know my address feel free to send a teeny post my way!  haha!)

i have been wanting to pick up knitting and crocheting because i’ve never really learned how to knit or crotchet past the first row.  and now i see all these lovely knitting and crocheting patterns on-line and i want to make all sorts of things.  so i’m hopping and skipping all over the www, looking at all sort of lovely patterns, and i come across amy power’s embroidery sampler, and then a tiny light bulb went off…this seems do-able for me since i cross-stitch a lot and do a bit of embroidery every now and then…THEN i also found amy’s 39 squares…and cannons and fireworks went off…heck, it was the 1812 overture in my head!!!  (this isn’t to say i won’t be learning how to knit/crochet.)

i immediately knew which piece of fabric (that i have stashed in one of my drawers) that i can embroider on.  and i will try to stitch a square a week and hopefully post it up on tuesdays.  thus my little adventure begins tomorrow…


little coin purses

i’ve been saving and stashing all sorts of purse patterns to try out, and now there’s someone’s graduation coming up so i finally have an excuse to use a pattern!  and it’s going to be a metal frame coin purse.  (check out anything handmade‘s english translation of sewlover.com’s tutorial for metal frame purses.)  but for some reason jo-ann doesn’t carry round metal frames, they’re all rectangular-ish.  and all the patterns that i have collected are for round frames.  well, who says you can’t fit a round purse into a rectangular frame?!  (i had to squish it a bit around the corners while i was sewing the purse on).  you can’t tell though, right?metal frame coin purseDSC_0008

update jan 2, 2013: i just found on sewlover.com a pattern for a rectangular frame purse.


our baby bear

this afternoon when i went in to get miss e after her nap, i saw her sitting at one corner of her crib with her baby bear, who was swaddled in her gold cardigan.  she held baby bear close to her chest and was gently rocking him.

“is baby bear sleeping?” i asked.

“milky milk,” she replied.

“is baby bear hungry? should we get him some milk?”

she shook her head.  “bee-day*, milky milk,”  she said more firmly, and she continued rocking him.

then it dawned on me…my little girl was nursing her baby bear!

it was both sweet and amusing to see my 2 year-old pretending to be a mother nursing her baby.  recently two of her friends both became older brothers.  when they come over for play dates she’ll see their moms nursing their younger siblings.  she’ll always run over to watch with attentive interest.  (i’ve also had to teach her not to lift the nursing covers.)  this was just another gentle reminder how much children learn through watching us as their patterns.  as their parents we are automatically their role models and examples.

i’ve also been noticing lately that certain expressions or tones that she uses would sound like how i speak to her.  luckily, she’s not just imitating my harsh tones.  but now hearing my harsher tones replicated from a second source causes me to check myself a bit more.  which is a good thing…more than before i find myself asking the Lord how i should speak to my daughter before reacting to a situation.  there are time when He gives me the green light to scold her because the situation warrants it, but then there are also times when He shows me that i’m the one that’s angry but He is not.

*bee-day is how miss e says her own name.  she started referring to herself as bee-day around 21 months.