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quiet (busy) book

i’ve been seeing a lot of homemade quiet books on pinterest.  a lot of them are oh-socreative!!!  but my question is always how long did it take them to put ONE page together?  and how long does the quiet book really keep the child quiet?  is the child’s “quiet time” nearly equivalent to the time spent on making the quiet book?  i just think that my little miss wiggly-e is probably immune to the powers of a quiet book.  and she’ll most definitely scatter and lose most of the parts within the first few minutes if they’re not attached to the pages.

but did i mention that these quiet books are oh-so-amazing?!  and did i also mention that we’ll be taking a 14 hour plane ride to asia in less than a week?!  mdh and i have been wracking our brains on how to keep miss wiggly-e occupied for this international flight.  we’re both a little terrified.  we are excited for our first overseas family trip, but fearful of the impending flight.

so these are the tricks we have up our sleeves (and in our carry-on bags):

dvd player–for her to watch her favorite pixar movies,

elmo & toy story reusable super sticker books,

LOADS of snacks,

lots of little trinkets from the $1 section at target (update nov 28:  miss e’s most favorite item turned out to be a glow-in-the-dark snowman necklace, since the majority of our flight was at night),

must not forget boogie bear!

…oh, and did i mention i’m making a busy book (is what i prefer to call it, since our little one is more of a busy bee than a quiet mouse)?

miss e's busy book

my favorite page is the tree that becomes a cloud on the next page.

tree page

p.s. it took me 4 days (about 22 hrs) to put the whole thing together.  at one point during the flight, she played with the book by herself for about 30 min while mdh and i napped.  the book also occupied her on various car rides while we were traveling.  turns out miss e liked the bead counting page the best.  so was it worth the time spent making the book?  yes, i’m satisfied with the amount of time miss e spent on playing with the book, but i don’t think i’ll be making another busy book any time soon.


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