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our very own “no, david!”

yesterday miss e’s most favoritest book arrived in the mail–no, david! by david shannon.  that book get a lot of mileage every time we check the book out from the library.  and i can tell other families get a lot of mileage out of it too because the next time we checked out no, david! it had a patched up page, and that was only a month after we had returned it.  miss e would call many other boys in other books “david.”  and she’ll often request the book even though we’ve already returned it back to the library.  so i realized this book’s a keeper.  it was actually one of my favorite children’s books in college.  and i had my own copy, but then i loaned it, and it never got returned because it’s just that good of a book.  well, we have our own copy again.

list of miss e’s (1 year old) frequently requested books:

binky, leslie patricelli

brown bear, brown bear what do you see? bill martin & eric carle

david, david shannon

ten, nine, eight, molly bang

trouble with friends, stan & jan berenstain

the very hungry caterpillar, eric carle


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