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hard “baked” eggs

when i was little i would often pass up red meat so i can eat more eggs.  i like soft boiled eggs the best, and scrambled the least (but don’t confuse that as me saying i dislike scrambled eggs).  a super treat for me is having chinese black tea eggs!  (have i given you the recipe?  well then, you will be getting one soon!)  and i will confess, i eat more than 3 eggs a week!!!  (but, since the exoneration of eggs in the past years, it’s not a sin to say that anymore.)

in the middle of checking e-mail this morning i came across a pin on pinterest about baking eggs instead of hard boiling them.  so i immediately set out to try it.  after all, i had everything that was required to bake the eggs: eggs and a muffin pan (i used a 6-slotted muffin pan instead of the overwhelming 12-slotted one).  i baked them in my toaster oven at 320ish for 30 min.  and now i just heard the timer go off so i will put them in a bowl of cold water and be back to let you know how they peel and taste.

update, 10:12 pm

well, i don’t think i will change the way i cook eggs.  on top of the stove will do just fine for me.  the hard baked eggs were easier to peel, but i wouldn’t say it wasn’t easier by much that i would care to wait an extra half hour to eat an egg.  i didn’t find the egg taste better or eggier or worse.  the biggest difference, for me, was the texture.  hard boiled eggs have a more jell-o like texture, and a hard baked egg didn’t give that slight resistance when i bit into it.

but if i were to make deviled eggs or egg salad for a party in the future i would hard bake the eggs, because peeling all those eggs faster would make a difference.


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