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semi-craft failS

i periodically check in on craftfail just for a good laugh and especially when i encounter my own craft fails.  and here i am this week, with a double whammy semi-craft fail.  it’s only semi-fail because things didn’t turn out so badly that it’s craftfail worthy.  but it’s enough to give myself some chuckles.

first i managed to drown my spicy lemon chutney while trying to can with baby food jars.  i thought maybe it was because i didn’t twist the cap on tight enough.  so the following week, when making a second batch, i made sure i twisted the lids on veeery tightly…and still, the lids came off in the middle of the boiling process.   thus drowning two more jars (and so i had to re-reduce the batch of chutney).  lesson learned: baby food jars don’t make good canning jars.

then i came across this ever so cute denim whale from valaan villapaita.  and so i tried to “replicate” the darling whale.  luckily i thought to try it once on scrap fabric first before cutting up any of my jeans.  from the side it looks like jay leno the humpback whale, and then from the front it looks like an egg with flippers.  i need to figure out how to make it wider, instead of oblong.  (i wish valaan villapaita would hurry and come out with an english translation soon!  pleeeease?)  lesson learned: no matter how hard i wish and try, i still can’t read finnish.  and whale making are for pros.


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