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stuffed pear and apple

my friend’s daughter has bell peppers as pets.  real bell peppers.  they buy her a new one every week, and then eat the previous “pet.”  to prove it she sent me a picture.  how adorable is that?  bell pepper, tutu and all. 

so her story has inspired my latest sewing project.  instead of a stuffed animal i want to make her a stuffed bell pepper as a belated birthday present!  my search for stuffed bell pepper patterns came up empty (no bell peppers, but you can buy a pattern for an aardvark).  but i did find these kinds of stuffed bell peppers though (i like to put in chopped onions instead of onion powder–the recipe is definitely worth a try, and not as complicated as one may imagine it to be).

i’ve never sewn a stuffed anything before.  my sewing resume consists mainly of hot pads, owl coin purses, curtains, one pillow case, and occasional hemming.  now that i want to make a stuffed bell pepper there’s no help to be found on the world wide web.  i did come across a load of patterns for pin cushion apples, pumpkins, strawberries, pears, chickens, hedge hogs…!  i want to make them all!  but first i have to make that bell pepper.

well actually, i needed a practice run.   yesterday i tried making a stuffed pear.  i obtained my free pear (and partridge) pattern from connecting threads.  the pear turned out to be very easy to make.  i think i finished it in about an hour, if you don’t count the time that i had to go to jo-ann to buy polyfill.

but today, i realized i needed another practice run because a bell pepper has more facets than a pear, and has that scrunched look.  so i needed to find out how to do all that.  it turns out a stuffed apple had all the new components i needed to learn.  i used the apple template from u.k. lass in u.s.  the instructions on the site called for 6 panels, but then after stuffing my apple it looked more like a pumpkin…hmmm, maybe my seam allowance was off.  i removed one panel and re-stuffed the apple only to discover that my apple looked better turned upside down (with the narrower end as the bottom).  then i found the idea for the leaves from the wool food mama.  so the apple took a tad longer to finish.  lucky for me miss e decided to take a 3 hour nap today.

hopefully the stuffed pepper will make its appearance tomorrow.


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