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our little moment

there was this sweet little moment today when miss e slowed down and cherished her mama.  she’s usually busy moving sticks, mulch, rocks, weeds, grass, buckets, lemons, and whatever else is in the backyard whenever we are out “gardening.”  this late afternoon i brought her her milk as she was in the middle of her usual tasks, and she stopped her busy-ness and sat on the edge of her mulch box (instead of a sand box) and drank her milk.  so i sat down next to her, and she reached her little hand over to my back and gave me a pat.  and i thought that would be it, because it’s usually like that.  but then she just left her little hand on my back.  at one point she had to reposition her sippy cup with her two hands.  again i thought that would be the end of our bonding time.  but she returned her hand onto my back.  oh, this sweet little moment must’ve lasted close to three minutes.


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