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almost done…

my original goal was to try to read through the new testament once every 4 months.   i am in the book of revelation so i’m a-a-almost done, but it’s looking more like once every 6 months for now.  yesterday, i ran across this blog that was sharing about “the bookends of the bible”–genesis and revelation.  it was an interesting read on mirroring topics and themes that show up in the first two chapters of the bible, genesis 1-2, and then in revelation 21-22, the last two chapters of the bible.   this is his first installment, so i’ll be checking back on his blog for installment two!  (hopefully, before he posts the second installment i’ll be done with the new testament!)

here’s his second installment.  it’s wonderful to see that there is a “building” work that God is doing.  this building that is taking place isn’t a physical church building, but a building of all the believers on Christ as our foundation (matthew 16:18).  God is still carrying out His building work in us believers today! (2012 may 6)


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